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Lectures provided by Division of Aircraft Engines

No Lecture Lecturer
ANS600 Advanced Aeroengines Laboratory Prof. Marian Gieras
ANS619 Aircraft Engines Design I Dr Arkadiusz Kobiera
ANS631 Aircraft Engine Design II Dr Arkadiusz Kobiera
ANS608 Aircraft Engine Maintenance Ing. Piotr Korsieko
ANK468 Astronautics Prof. Piotr Wolański
ANK359 Chemistry of Combustion Prof. Rudolf Klemens
ANK380 Combustion and Fuels Prof. Rudolf Klemens
ANS549 Internal combustion engines Prof. Andrzej Teodorczyk
ANK433 Propulsion systems I Prof. Andrzej Teodorczyk
ANS630 Spacecraft Design Dr Arkadiusz Kobiera
ANK398 Space Technologies Dr Arkadiusz Kobiera