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Krzysztof Rafal, Ph.D.


Assistant professor

Rational Use of Energy Division, room 405A,

e-mail: krafal@itc.pw.edu.pl, tel. 22 234 52 31

Office hours: mondays, 12h


Teaching courses

  • Electronics
  • Electric circuits
  • Electric Power Systems
  • Electric machines
  • Engineering project

Diploma and intermediate project topics are accepted within research areas.

Research areas

  • Power electronics
    • Power electronics in power systems
    • Control in power electronics
  • Smart Grids
  • Energy efficiency
  • Power quality
  • Distributed energy resources
  • Energy storage
  • Elctromobility

Published papers


Research projects

[1]  "Development of 5kW and 10kW Small Wind Turbine Technology", GEKON prgramme by National Centre for Research and Development", project manager, 10.2014-09.2016, cooperation of WUT and companies MBIZ, SWIND.

[2] “Integrated system of energy storage and power electronic converter for electrical power quality improvement”, Ventures program founded by Foundation for Polish Science, project manager, 02.2011-09.2012, Warsaw University of Technology.

[3] Project of voltage dip mitigation device for industrial areas and consumers with higher power quality demand”, expertise for polish TSO - PSE Operator S.A., main executor, 07.2010-09.2011, Warsaw University of Technology.

[4]  „Development of AC/DC converters for the distributed energy sources with increased immunity to voltage distortion and reduced negative impact on the network (5 - 400 kVA Series)”, Development Project founded by polish Ministry of Science  nr N R01 0014 06/2009, 10.2009–09.2012,  Warsaw University of Technology.

[5] ”Study and analysis of cooperation of AC/DC/AC converter with power grid during voltage distortions and failures”, Research Project founded by polish Ministry of Science Nr N N510 331637, 10.2009–09.2011,  Warsaw University of Technology. 

[6] “Hybrydization of electrical power sources by means of supercapacitors”, main researcher, 09.2009–02.2010, ENSEEIHT / Laplace Laboratory, Toulouse, France.